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Monday to Saturday 10AM to 5PM

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+5999 788-8282 and +5999 528-0428



Buddha To Buddha

Fall in love with the boldness and beauty of BuddhaToBuddha’s timeless, unique 925 sterling silver handmade pieces. Today BuddhaToBuddha is more than just jewelry. It’s a lifestyle. Embracing life. We are for the passionate, the creative, the risk takers and the rebels. Explore the empowering and diverse range of BuddhaToBuddha’s Heritage Collection, designed in Amsterdam, handmade in Bali. Craftsmanship is at the core of BuddhaToBuddha’s premium jewelry. Every piece is unique, each piece has a soul. We also represent these fine Dutch brands: GoldBandits, Rebel and Rose, Pig & Hen, GoodTimes.